Summers Reverie

        It is inevitable that summer comes to an end, however it is always so bittersweet. I will miss the late nights with my sugar crazed toddler hanging around my neck asking for 'more songs, more songs, please, moma!' I will miss endless swings in the tree-covered hammock, long walks late at night through the neighborhood. The glow of the cozy houses and sleepy people pouring over their television sets late into the night. I will miss the draw of the mountains pulling us in -offering shade, a breezy place to nap, and running water begging to be jumped into. For these reasons and more all through winter I long for summer and the warmth of the sun on the back of my neck as we walk in the wild. I long for the nights spent tangled up in tents- all three of our bodies snuggled cozily together as the crickets sing us softly to sleep. I will miss this. Our greatest moment of this last summer was the solar eclipse. We were out in the open surrounded by fields of grass. With our family gathered all around us we sang and we danced and we ran wild through the fields. It was a moment I don't ever want to forget, and would trade any number of things for. This is what is important to our family -moments like this, spent together with the people we love- outside under the sun.           

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