A Welcome Post

       The original concept behind, wandering little braves, was to share the adventures of two eclectic, busy, start-up families. The entire family would participate and take part in recording our findings and sharing them with you (whomever you might be) . . . however, life has kicked in, and months have gone by since the concept was agreed to by skeptical husbands, and somewhat overwhelmed housewives. I have no idea what we will become but for now this is us;


       The Huishs are an adventure-seeking family of artists, who live at the bottom of a huge mountain. Where there is time to spare, they will either spend it at home creating, or out in the mountains exploring. Momma went to school studying photography and since then has not done much with her photo’s except to take photos of H. Momma spends her time sewing, bookmaking, knitting, jewelry-making, painting, and reading children’s fantasy books. Little H would like to spend all her time in the outdoors, or in a library. Papa is a wandering soul, he is still looking for the perfect solution to both his wanderlust, as well as a desire to help the misfortunate. Papa is a mixed-media artist, he loves painting and printmaking the most. Papa spends most of his time teaching eighth graders and bikes anywhere he goes. You will never find him without a book (or two) in his hands. He paints, crochets, reads, bikes, hikes, and climbs.


    The Pearsons love spending time together on bike rides and walks around their city, eating yummy food raised in their garden, and watching more tv than is probably healthy.  We all are working on something right?  Momma is an aspiring Montessorian who has recently gone back to work full time, bringing little O and A along for a Montessori preschool experience.  She also dabbles in sewing, knitting, spinning, and many other artistic endeavors.  Papa is an engineer who loves modern design, music, vintage guitars, and MTG.  He also spends time daydreaming about building a family home a la Dwell. 

Welcome to our blog, Wandering Little Braves!


  1. so excited! can't wait for the future!

  2. this is cool sage! ummm ... for a minute i thought the little blonde was yours too and i thought i'd really been out of it for too long. haha. the boys and she could be siblings. i ache for your creative ideas and recipes.