New babe's name...

     And the boy's name is going to be; Moon. Mainly because we adore the name Moon, we love all that it encompasses - specifically the unique tie that it has on each of us as individuals. Originally we came up with idea of using Moon for our second child's name on my birthday. We were out to dinner talking about the fact that there are really only 2 or 3 boy names that we would even consider, when my husband {Trevor} suggested that we think more outside the box. We started talking about our favorite things in life which led us right to, nature. We quickly agreed that we wanted to use a name that held some tie to nature and the outdoors. We went through a list of different tree's, forests, rocks, and elements -then Trevor suggested, Moon. I immediately got a feeling that >this was it< and why not?! 
     We tried so hard to pick something original with Hazel (our first) and at first we had settled on Scout. Both of us regretted switching from Scout Hazel to Hazel Scout at the hospital. The name Hazel, suits her so well and it will always be her name, I just felt so much pressure from different members of our family- and in the moment at the hospital, as family was flooding in just moments after her arrival, I just kind of caved and went with name that was much more accepted within our family, Hazel. This time around I do not want to have any regrets, I know so much more about how this will all pan out, and so I am going for it. Moon Huish. We will call him Moony- and yes that is in direct reference to J.K. Rowling's character in the Harry Potter books, Remus Lupin.
     We realize that it is not a traditional name, and he may take some heat later in life, but luckily we will be able to face that together as a family. We love every aspect of the moon, and we think that it fits right into this crazy bohemian family lifestyle that we are trying to create for ourselves and our children. 'Moon' was one of Hazel's first words, and since she was able to string words together, she whispers to us at night, "I love you to the moon, and the stars, and the shiny moon stars." We are all  ecstatic for this new baby, and can not wait to welcome our own Moon into this world.

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  1. I love it, and mostly because you do. That's what matters. I love that you live a life that you love in a way that makes you happy. Life is too short to not live it the way that you feel is best and that can leave you with no regrets. Moon is a lucky boy. We love you guys!