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       Last week we had a major sharpie incident, where Hazel had snuck a sharpie into her bed for nap time... needless to say she drew 'H's all over her baby blanket. I was overcome with this feeling that this is only the beginning.. There are going to be years and years of destruction in my future. It surprised me because, I am totally okay with that. Things are just things, they come and go. Being a moma, and spending time with my babies, is all that I care about right now. We have been getting ready for this new little guy, and I am dying with anticipation. In the first couple of months I would wake up with so much anxiety that I had made the wrong choice, I kept thinking that things are so perfect with Hazel as they are - why would I want to mess with this? I have come to the conclusion that we need this little guy: our lives have become so intensely happy and full of joy from Hazel's sweet spirit - I can not imagine what another little angel could bring. Anyway I will try to get more consistent with blogging, I have just been so busy planning (and napping!)

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  1. I sympathise with this a lot. Even when I was, like, 6 months pregnant, I felt like things were so great with just Julian. It's funny to me now that I ever thought that. You are cool. Little Boy Huish will be the coolest too.