cold and flu season: fight back!

If your neck of the woods is anything like ours, everyone is getting sick.  The boys and I are especially susceptible as we are at school all day, surrounded by trillions (gazillions?) of germs.  Little O has already had an ear infection this year, as in 2013.  I have come down with some sort of blessed sinus thing that threatens to last for weeks.  Is it Spring yet?? 

I thought it might be nice to share our family's list of go-to home remedies for coughs and sniffles.  So read up, stock up, and stay healthy!

Peppermint tea with lots of honey is my favorite way to soothe a scratchy throat before bedtime.  Even the kids have been known to enjoy a lukewarm cup of tea.  Our pediatrician told me that studies have shown that honey is just as effective as cough syrup.  Amazing, right?!

These have saved my voice many a school day.  They taste good and have echinacea, which helps lessen the blow of the common cold.

On Guard is a blend of essential oils that includes citrus, clove, and cinnamon.  It helps support the immune system and smells really good.  I rub two or three drops on the bottoms of my feet and the boys' feet every morning before school.  It kept us healthy through the beginning of the school year, although nothing seems to be working against the craziness that is blowing around this flu season.  Also, did I mention that it smells great?

Finally, our pediatrician pointed us in the direction of ZarBee's.  It is an all-natural, honey-based cough syrup.  It really has helped the boys on those restless, cough-filled nights. 

We wish you all health during this new year!

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