Keeping it together through the holidays...

      How do you do it? I have not been able to find a balance between doing everything and keeping it together this holiday season. I have been seriously neglecting this blog, and I feel so badly for that. But if I had not, then I do not think hazel's sweet attitude {or my sanity} -for that matter- would not have remained intact. Thus said, we have been up to some fantastic projects this season.

We have been doing several versions of the advent this year.. one is a little flag banner that I made a few years back, but hazel hasn't been old enough to really use it until this year. We have been having fun checking what the elves bring her everyday.

The other advent that we do is 25 days of Christmas books. Hazel gets to unwrap one each day, and she ADORES it. We got the idea from the amazing Ellen (from elle keeps moving) you can check out her blog and more information on the 25 days of Christmas books here!

 We have also been busy painting Christmas cards, making Christmas trees, and check out this garland that my mom is working on from one of my favorite craft books, Scandinavian Needlecraft.
 We also made this awesome Gingerbread house, thank you TRADER JOE'S for finally making it to our state!!
We have been keeping busy trying to make all of our Christmas gifts this year, and so we made a billion bath bombs {bath fizzy's} as well as some bath salt for our friends. We used this recipe from the coterie blog. I got the beautiful jars at west elm, and the spoons are from Sur la Table.

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