Harmony Provo

When I first heard that a new yarn/fabric/gift shop was opening up in my neighborhood, I actually shrieked with joy.  Tim can attest to that fact.  Harmony was no disappointment!  I am so excited to have all those crafty supplies and beautiful gifts within walking distance.  And when I say walking distance, I mean really short walking distance.  Like, I've been almost once a week since they opened because it is such a short walk and I am so bad at controlling my impulses.  Had a rough day at school?  I think I need more chunky yarn.  Kids being crazy?  Let's go for a walk that happens to go right by Harmony.

So, yeah.  Harmony is chock full of an amazing variety of fabrics, gorgeous yarns, and cute trimmings and gifts from Darlybird.  The ladies at Harmony also offer a wide range of classes to get you started, from beginning knitting to cooking classes.  If you like the sound of any of those things and live around here, you should stop by.  You could even pick up some supplies for your own handmade holiday.  Knitters and crocheters (is that a word?) should come by this Thursday night at 7 pm for Harmony's bimonthly knit night. 

See you there!

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