Fall Mix

Fall in Utah is beautiful.  I didn't "get" fall until I moved to a place that actually had seasons.  I can see the mountains from the window in front of my kitchen sink, and I am continually surprised at how much more color I see every day. 

Tim has put together an amazing fall mix to get you in the mood for drives up the canyon, sweaters, hot drinks, and cold, dark mornings.

Now if only fall would last a little longer . . .


  1. what a rad shot. i feel like i recognize this spot and also have no idea where it is. i miss autumn. i do no miss winter, but i miss autumn so thoroughly. -dannii

    1. thanks danni! it is park city main street (on the right is the art center).

  2. I din't know you were on rdio! I just followed you. Thanks for the mix!